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A Quick Bit on our Kids

Today I was thinking about the pendulum of emotions my family has been on this past week. We started the week off with the biggest and best of hellos as my new niece came in to the world Sunday evening. Evangline Hope came in her own way, on her own time and is a perfect […]

The Misunderstanding of a Man Named Noah

A few weeks ago I was re-reading the account of Noah in the book of Genesis. I find it fun to re-study some of these “Sunday School” heroes and characters and compare how I interpreted their stories as a child and how I interpret them now, as an adult. I am continually amazed at how […]

Devotional Musings- March 4, 2015

I have been working my way through Be Still and Know by Millie Stamm. It is a year long devotional written by a lady who was a dear friend to my grandma. The daily readings have a depth that I find lacking in a lot of devotionals and I have enjoyed the first several months […]

Closing the Casket

Ten months ago today we closed the lid of Macy’s tiny casket; we laid our eyes on her tiny, precious frame for the last time. As I think back on that day, I’m really not sure how we had the strength or the ability to do it. It is astonishing. Really, I think back on […]